Where CPP is Used, Why Learn C++ Programming Language

Hi, welcome to the second tutorial on the C++ programming language. In the previous post, we have seen what exactly is C plus, we have seen when it was created, why it was created, you know we have seen the history of the C++ programming language.

In this post, we will see some of the terms used with a programming language, and then we are going to see the advantages of learning the c++ and then we will see where exactly this C++ programming language is used in the real world.

First, let's take a look at some of the terms used with the programming language. so the first term is the general-purpose programming language. “A general-purpose programming language is a language designed to be used for writing the software in our wide variety of application domains” In simple words when we say a programming language as a general-purpose programming language it means that we can use that programming language to create different variety of applications.

This cplusplus is also a general-purpose programming language. it means you can use it for creating different types of software or the programs. Now the next thing is C++ is a middle-level language. We have divided the programming languages into three categories.

lower-level languages, high-level languages, and Middle-level languages. Low-level languages allow us to directly interact with the machine.

The machine-level code and assembly level language has come under the lower-level language category and then we have the higher-level languages where a programmer can easily write the program in a language which is almost similar to the human-readable format. The high-level languages offer a lot of built-in features.

The programmer can use those features and easily write the programs. Then we have another category called the middle-level languages Where are some programming languages that offer the features of the high-level languages and also the features of the lower-level languages.

This C plus programming language comes in the category of the middle-level languages. Here you know if a programming language belongs to a high-level language or low-level language or middle-level language it doesn't really mean that that programming language is good or bad.

Every programming language has its own pros and cons. now the next thing is the compiled language. The thing is C plus in the middle level language and the code written using the C plus programming language is much closer to the human-readable format.

we can easily read the code and we can understand what exactly is going on. But the computers on the other hand only understand the code written in the form of zeros and ones in other words the machine code.

so what we have to do is, first we have towrite the program in the C plus plus and then we have to convert that code to the machinelevel form. Here we use the compiler to convert the codeto the machine form and this process of converting the code using the compiler is called as the compilation method.

since this uses the compilation method itis called as compiled language. Now the next thing is the object orientedprogramming language. we have talked about this in the previousvideo also.

C plus plus uses a new programming approachcalled as the object oriented programming approach. since it uses this programming approach itis called as the object oriented programming language.

In C plus plus we can do four types of programming. one is the procedural programming you knowit is the way we program using the C programming language and other one is the object oriented programmingand then we can can do the generic programming using their templates and then we have thefunctional programming.

This functional programming is newly addedto the C plus plus programming language. C plus plus is a general purpose middle levelcompiled object oriented programming language.

All right now let's take a look at some ofthe advantages of learning the C plus plus programming language.

so the first thing is C plus plus itself isa efficient language. The code written using the C plus plus programminglanguage will run efficiently and also the code written using the C plus plus will bereliable and it will run fast.Now the next thing is if you learn the C plusplus programming language you will be learning this different programming approaches.

so you will have the better understandingof the most of the programming approaches specifically the object oriented programmingapproach.

you will be learning the concepts like theclasses objects inheritance polymorphism all these things and I think cplusplus is oneof the best language to learn this object oriented programming approach

so the advantage of this is once you learnthis cplusplus then if you want to move to some other languages like in Java or C Sharpthen it will be a lot more easy because this Java and C Sharp they also use the objectoriented programming approach.

so you will find it easy to learn those languages. All right. now finally left that look at where exactlythis C plus plus programming language is widely used. As we have seen before cplusplus is a generalpurpose programming language.

so it means that it can be used to create different variety of applications. cplusplus is widely used for creating the games. most of the games you see nowadays have majority of the code written using the c plus-plus.

then it is used for creating the graphicaluser interface based applications you know you can use it where the user can interactwith the computer using the buttons in menus and all those in those kind of applications also you can use the c++ and then c plusplus is also used in the image editing softwares like the Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator image ready and C plus plus is also used for creating the web browsers for example the Mozilla Firefox has the most of the code writtenin the C plus plus, and then C plus plus is also used for creating the compilers and thencplusplus is also used for writing the major parts of the operating systems like osx orthe windows, and c++ is also used for medical and Engineering applications you know youguys may have seen that some of the simulation softwares and also some softwares used inthe medical field are written using the C plus plus. Another area where C plus plus is widely usedis for creating or writing the other programming languages.

For example the Java programming languageis written used in the C plus plus programming language. So this is it guys this is about some informationon some of the programming terms used with C plus plus and also some information on theadvantages of learning C++ and where this c++ is widely used in the real world.

Now if you don't have the proper understandingof the concept like the programming languages the types of programming languages and thecompilation method, the integration method then I have a post.

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