How Are Space Suits Made?


How Are Space Suits Made?

A space suit is one of the most effective ways of shielding ourselves from space weather, radiation, and harmful cosmic particles. It's quite amazing that even in our current technological scenario we are still able to use space suits for our protection. This brings us to an interesting point: how are spaceships designed? How are spacesuits designed? It's quite amazing that even with the most advanced technology we are able to use basic materials in making spacesuits.

How are space suits made

The material used in making a spacesuit is quite different from your average pants and shirts. There is a thick fabric that goes on top of a much thinner one. Also, it's expected that the outermost layer of fabric is quite different too. Different kinds of fabrics are also in the making of a spacesuit. One example of this is the use of liquid cooling material which allows an astronaut to cool down during long stays in space.

An inner layer called a pressure suit is also present in a spacesuit. It provides the astronauts with the necessary support system when he has to work in zero gravity (GEO). As a result of this function, the pressure suit also comes with airtight seals that prevent gas leakage. Although this is not seen on the surface of the spacesuit, a pressure suit has the ability to prevent the escape of toxic gases during GEO rides and helps control the temperature inside the spacesuit.

Another vital material in the making of spacesuits is a fire-resistant material called a heat-resistant garment cover. The spacesuit heat shield helps protect the astronauts from high levels of temperatures as well as protecting them from harmful UV rays from the Sun. This is made of special materials that allow the astronauts to have the better circulation of air within the body and help fight any fire attack on the suit.

There are various other systems and components present too. The most important of all these systems is definitely the Liquid Nitrogen that is used to provide instant heat for the astronauts as well as help them fight off any form of cold. Other components or systems include the presence of some type of life support system for the astronauts, the life-support system helping to replace the needed energy sources for the astronauts, and the use of heat-trapping material like the heat-absorbing blanket that keeps the astronaut warm even without any external heat.

In order to have a successful space journey, it is imperative that all these systems and parts are of the best quality. To have a flawless journey, all the astronaut's equipment must be of the finest quality. Most of the equipment used by astronauts today, such as the spacesuits and heat shields are made in NASA's Space Center. The design, engineering, and manufacture process used by NASA for its space suits and the various components are tested rigorously to ensure maximum safety and to perform at its optimum.

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